Cian McElhinney is an enthusiastic and self motivated Computer Engineer with a hunger for everything data, mobile, cycling, and internet related.

I have completed 5 years in Trinity College Dublin Studying 2 years of general Engineering (Chemical, Environmental, Structural, Mechanical, Electronic and Computer Engineer) and 2 Years specializing in pure Computer Engineering with an additional 1 year doing a Masters specializing in crowdsensing with the Future Cities research group.

Co-founder and Product Engineer with Pushstartr working with PHP, Symfony, Python, Flask, Redis, MongoDB, Java, Android, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL and AWS.
Software Engineer at Swrve working with Ruby on Rails, Python, Flask, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, SQLite Graphite, AWS, SQS, SES, S3 and Jenkins.


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Slaze in a Survival horror single player game modeled on the story of Slender Man, a tall, thin, faceless man who follows you at a distance but is never seen moving. The game involves navigating through a randomly generated 3D