Each particle has its own:

  • Color
  • Size
  • Mass
  • Density
  • Elasticity (Coefficient of Restitution)
  • Surface Area
  • Lifespan

Collisions were modelled for:

  • Walls and the roof(if On)
  • With other particles
  • All collisions took the radial distance from the particle center taking it’s individual Coefficient of Restitution and mass into account.

Two main forces were accounted for:

  • Gravity for various Planets, F = M*G
  • Friction with various mediums (Drag), F = 0.5*C*p*A*V2


  • Clicking places a “Launcher” Draging changes particles initial velocity
  • SpaceBar, ‘M’ or Menu Button key shows/hides menu
  • ‘P’ pauses the movement of the particles
  • Ctrl/CMD to toggle grabbing mode
    • Click and Hold on particle to grab it
    • Release to throw


  • Popping sound when particles die
  • Bouncing sound when particles have a collision with volume proportional to magnitude of collision


View Live Demo



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